How to open Demonic Sigils with Voodoo Dahl PT2

Join us March 21st @6pm PST / 9pm EST for How to open Demonic Sigils PT2 with Voodoo Dahl!
We will be discussing and learning four different tools for our sigil tool box:
Blood magick
Sex magick
Herbs and oils
Demonic Enns
Each tool can be used alone or in conjunction with one another when opening Demonic sigils/portals.
When opening a sigil you are opening a portal to the other side, a doorway if you will, that's allows the energy you want to work with to enter.
Knowing the purpose of each tool will help you navigate powerful and flawless openings.
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    Voodoo Dahl

    Voodoo Dahl is a black magician based in Los Angeles. She began her ritual practices and occult studies as a teen, studying demonology and eventually founded her own company Noire Grimoire. Noire Grimoire is a company that provides change and guidance through magic. They provide custom spells, ritual for hire and tarot divination services. 
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