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Akashic Records part 2 with Raven
Thursday 30th November 2023
6pm PST 
Introduction To The Akashic Records. In this class, we will discuss what the Akashic records are and different ways accessing them can be very useful. Then we will go on a journey to them to meet with our gatekeepers in the akashic records.
Beauty Magick & Manifestation with Eva
Saturday 2nd December 2023
11:30am PST 
We will discuss Herbs, Candles and Oils that are used for Beauty Magick and create
- 1 Body Scrub recipe
- 1 Beauty Oil recipe
- 1 Candle preparation for Beauty Manifestation
- timing with planetary constellations
- Beauty Affirmations
The Secrets of Invoking Earth and Secret Tarot methods with Don Webb
Saturday 2nd December 2023
2pm PST 
The Secrets of Invoking Earth and Secret Tarot methods with Don Webb
plus some stand-up comedy about occultism
"Webb will teach some secret methods of using the Tarot and help you connect with Earth-magic
and altar consecration. Plus you will laugh.
Evolutionary Astrology - The Air Signs with Nicole
Sunday 3rd December 2023
10am PST 
Evolutionary Astrology is a way of reading the natal chart in a manner that tells the story of your soul’s journey. Through it, you can find clues about your karma and your destiny, your gifts and your challenges. Throughout this beginner level course, we will examine the 12 signs of the zodiac, the planets and major asteroids, and the 12 houses. We will study the symbology, mythology, and occult correspondences associated with each, and then we will learn how to fit all these pieces of your puzzle (natal chart) together so we can read them like a story of your life.
In this class, we will study the Air signs: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius: The Witness, The Lover, and The Mad Scientist
Working With Death Viewing The Signs with Alicia
Sunday 3rd December 2023
2pm PST 
This is a second part class connected to working with death, this will help you see the signs, Mentally, Physically & Spiritually. Helping to view Auras that project low vibrational energy, and sensing someone's we can also overview different methods with tools.
All the Sparkly Things: Herbs, Crystals, Candles, and More (Beginner Course) with Debra
Monday 4th December 2023
6pm PST 
What is all that wonderful magickal stuff, and what do I do with it? We'll talk about the magickal symbolism of herbs, crystals, candles, and more — how to use them for spells, as well as placing and arranging these things around your home and office to keep that magickal energy flowing. If you don't have any experience with these magickal items, but are drawn to them, this is the class for you! Beginners especially welcome!
Mediumship Development with Patti Negri
Tuesday 5th December 2023
6pm PST 
I believe we are all born with it. Psychic Ability, intuition, even mediumship and the ability to talk to spirits on the other side. Unfortunately though... In our modern western society it usually gets taught out of us as we grow up. That special friend is now your "imaginary" friend. Well, if you are drawn to this class - you have it! It's in your blood. (literally). I will offer you techniques, exercises and methods to "wake up" that sixth sense of yours... and/or help strengthen and develop that ability that you know you already have and use!
Vampyric Symbolism with Father Sebastiaan
Wednesday 6th December 2023
6pm PST 
Vampires in mythology, literature, and fiction can often shape-change into a bat, wolf, or mist. In reality, like the therions, some Vampyres are practitioners of the art of shapeshifting or simply “shifting,” with the wolf being the most common and favored form for practitioners of Lycanthropy. The etymology of Lycanthropy hails from the Greek words lykos (wolf) and anthropos (man), and in mythology is the shape shifting of a man into the form of a wolf. As a magickal practice, shifting and lycanthropy has many roots in legends and esoteric traditions, from myths of Slavs, Greek, and Norse tribes to coverage in Renaissance and Medieval literature. For example, some spells exist in Russian folklore with the "zagovori," and shamanistic skin-walkers of Native American lore.

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