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Guided Meditation Workshop with Liz Cormell
Saturday 10th June 2023
11:30am PST 
Whether you’re a seasoned meditator or new to meditation it can be difficult to get
into the right frame of mind in this busy world. This is where having a guided
mediation can help. Not only will it relax you, a guided meditation will enable you to
leave this plane of existence, and possibly link you with your spirit guides and
animals. Most only make use of visualisation but, during this lesson, Liz will take you
on a guided meditation to your personal safe space, making sure you are fully
immersed, and engaging all of your senses. So join this lesson and take a trip into
your inner most self and see where it takes you.
You will need to be somewhere comfortable, warm and safe in case you fall asleep.
Chaos Magick for Vital Change Pt 2: Sigil Servitors
with Mathew
Saturday 10th June 2023
2pm PST 
In our magickal practices, there are a few common threads that if some of us do not use them, most of us have come across them at some point or another. One of those things is the topic of sigils and chaos magick as a whole. Most people do not realize how much chaos magick is in their practice simply due to the nature of it.
Join me for a class breaking down the concepts of creating a sigil servitor, a magickal entity created by you and for you. These magickal working spirits are easily programmable and are very much worth the experimentation that provides more insight from each spirit we create.
Vampyric Dreaming with Don Webb
Sunday 11th June 2023
11:30am PST 
How to remember your dreams, share dreams, have great dream sex, use your dreams as a weapon, and achieve dream initiations.
The goal of Tantra to gain real real Happiness, Peace and Freedom with Denny
Sunday 11th June 2023
2pm PST 
How Tantra manifests a wildly pragmatic personal spiritual magickal reality that leads to individual attainment and growth. The goal is to become as gods as we honor them. It is important to note that while somewhat connected, Tantra is magick and has no hierarchy but hierarchical Hinduism is a religion with castes, taboos and rules.
Witchy Wellness Gemini New Moon with Alise Marie
Monday 12th June 2023
6pm PST 
Join Alise Marie, The Beauty Witch, as your guide to navigating the upcoming New Moon energies for potency and wellness. In each session of this ongoing, bi-monthly class series, you will learn to prepare for all the cosmic happenings that are in play, which affect our vitality, energy, and, ultimately, our magickal practice. Alise will help you to align with astrological influences and lunar cycles to regenerate your power through potions and secrets conjured from her experiences as an author, herbalist, astrologer, holistic nutritionist and green beauty specialist. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions - and get answers - to concerns regarding specific beauty issues, diet, and general well-being in a sacred, protected space. Recipes and tips will be shared, and we'll concoct a few potions along the way!
Poppets with Patti Negri
Tuesday 13th June 2023
6pm PST 
In folk magic and witchcraft, a poppet is a doll made to represent a person, for casting spells on that person or to aid that person through magic. A poppet is one of the staples of sympathetic magick, and has long been used to represent someone for whom the magic or intent is being directed. This can include a loved one or even yourself. Despite their reputation (mostly due to the way Hollywood has portrayed them in film and television for decades), these intentions cover a wide range of beneficial purposes from healing, love, luck, and prosperity, to the necessary protections of binding, banishing, and neutralizing. Although this work is an ancient tradition, it’s also extremely relevant, so we will look at how to create and use a poppet in spell work, healing, binding rituals and more.
Shipwrecks of the great lakes! with Shetan
Wednesday 14th June 2023
3pm PST 
Shipwrecks of the great lakes!
Vampyre Orgs & Halos with Father Sebastiaan
Wednesday 14th June 2023
6pm PST 
Vampires in mythology, literature, and fiction can often shape-change into a bat, wolf, or mist. In reality, like the therions, some Vampyres are practitioners of the art of shapeshifting or simply “shifting,” with the wolf being the most common and favored form for practitioners of Lycanthropy. The etymology of Lycanthropy hails from the Greek words lykos (wolf) and anthropos (man), and in mythology is the shape shifting of a man into the form of a wolf. As a magickal practice, shifting and lycanthropy has many roots in legends and esoteric traditions, from myths of Slavs, Greek, and Norse tribes to coverage in Renaissance and Medieval literature. For example, some spells exist in Russian folklore with the "zagovori," and shamanistic skin-walkers of Native American lore.

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