Upcoming Events

Phosphorus… bringing the light to the darkness with The Gentleman Psychic
Saturday 25th May 2024
9am PST 
Keeping that magick light when surrounded by darkness
Pet readings class with Raven
Saturday 25th May 2024
2pm PST 
Discover how to connect with your pets from a metaphysical perspective. In this class , you'll learn how to deepen your bond with your furry friends, whether they're still living or have crossed over the rainbow bridge. I'll offer also be offering each of you a mini pet reading, and as a special offer, Magick U students will receive a discount for a private one-on-one session for a future time of your choosing.
Communications with the Ancient Egyptian Gods with Storme Moroaica
Sunday 26th May 2024
11:30am PST 
Petitioning dead loved ones for something to happen in ancient Egypt was a common communication method. I'll show you the why, the how, and how you can do this as well with your ancestors for anything in your life - good and bad. 
Schizophrenia or Psychic abilities? with Stefan Brigati
Sunday 26th May 2024
2pm PST 
Here we discuss one vs. the other and look at the symptoms of both.
Massage Magic — Soothing Touch That Heals with Debra
Monday 27th May 2024
6pm PST 
With 23 years as a massage therapist and author of "Sacred Massage — The Magic and Ritual of Soothing Touch," I'll share how touch soothes and heals, as well as how to do a massage as a ritual. We'll learn actual touch techniques on the head, arms, shoulders, and hands to help you relieve stress, tightness, and discomfort in these areas. Touch is magic, and anyone can learn to do it.
How to Connect to Gods, Spirits of the Land & Supernatural creatures with Raphael Kakazu
Tuesday 28th May 2024
6pm PST 
Spellcasting intermediary pt 1 ,Gods, spirits of the land, faries and supernatural creatures are one of the most interesting topics within magical traditions. This class we will learn how to connect with then and how to make a good approach.
Scrolls of Elorath: Vampyre Thoughtforms with Father Sebastiaan
Wednesday 29th May 2024
6pm PST 
Thought forms are elemental constructs built from the combined, collective energy of individuals’ thoughts and beliefs. There are five levels: Sigils, Servators, Tulpas, Egregores and Godforms.

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