Cosmic Divine

Alicia Gutierrez Better known as Cosmic Divine within the spiritual community.
Alicia started her brand with Cosmic Divine in 2017, which offers many forms of Tarot Readings, that include Cartomancy, Traditional Tarot, Oracle Readings, Corn Divination, Spiritual Cleanses, & Energy work.
Alicia first started as a student with Our Haunted Diary Paranormal School, with Nicholas Bonanni in 2020, then became a teacher. She was then introduced to CEO Natalie Jones in 2020 to start a Spiritual Learning series with Paraflixx of March 2021.
As The school expanded, she was welcomed to continue her teaching & practice with University Magickus.
AIicia is a Practitioner of Brujeria, Shamanisim and Curanderismo, that include Candle Magick, the use of herbs, spells, moon phases with Saints and Dietys that are related to death and transformation. She intertwines this with Ancestral work with the practice of Shamanisim and Curendera practice. She is best known for spiritual cleanses in many forms of Limpias. She's also a practitioner with energy healings that includes Metatron Clearings, Reiki and many other forms of energy work.
Alicia has found her gifts of mediumship and channeling at a very early age of 8 years old. Who has practiced with receiving and giving messages from beyond the veil to family, friends & strangers, that include seances as well later in life. Alicia has had many paranormal experiences starting at a very early age, and throughout her life, and oddly aligned working at a funeral home.
She has now become apart of a movement with other powerful, spiritual women in 2021. The GhostHunter Girls who are Paranormal Navigators, Psychic Mediums, Healing Facilitators, Witches, & Intuitive's.

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