Alien Communication with Maryam

Join us Sunday November 12th @ 2pm PST / 5pm EST for Alien Communication with Maryam
Have you always been fascinated with aliens? Have you had your own alien experience? In Lessons from the Aliens you will discover:
• The role your alien family plays in your life
• Why you have been visited or abducted
• How to stop unwanted visits/abductions
• Identify if they are guides, family, or something else
If you are comfortable you may share your experience and we will discuss why it happened and their role in your life. I will give you the tools to learn how to communicate with them, should you choose. Please bring a pen/paper or journal to each class.
  • 356 learners

  • 1 hours

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    • Recording Available

      Recordings available if you are unable or do not wish to attend live.

    Maryam Faresh

    Mkaryam is a renowned psychic medium and spiritual teacher. Reading both people and pets for over 25 years, her tough, yet down to earth personality, has attracted and inspired a loyal following. Maryam's gifts became evident at a young age when she was predicting deaths and speaking to deceased family members. Her mother quickly recognized what was happening and supported and nurtured her daughter's gifts.
    Maryam's versatility as a medium allows her to remote view locations around the world to clear people & locations of dark or demonic energies. She also works with alien groups to assist clients in either stopping alien abduction/visits or to make sense of more "light filled" visitations/communication. This clearing work has also expanded her teachings in bridging the gap between, the paranormal and spirituality, and spirituality and religion.
    As a vegan and a "One Planet Rescue" board member, animal communication, and assisting with tracking lost animals, plays a large role in her volunteerism. And on a more human level, Maryam assists couples and individuals with a deeper understanding of WHO they are and WHY they are. This work has extended to partnering with neurologist Dr. Phillipe Duoyon to assist with mental heath and more series neurological Issues.
    Maryam is a 2021 nominee for "Best Psychic/Medium" for the Paranormal Awards, and was GOOP's 2018 "Best Psychic/Pet Psychic. Maryam has worked with legendary guitarist Kat Dyson, Demi Moore, Jackson Galaxy, "My Cat From Hel," the cast of Ghost Hunters (2020), Alexandra Holzer of The Holzer Files, John Bullard, and Patrick McQuery of "The Haunted Side."
    Maryam delivers weekly content to over 170,000 followers on TikTok (over 3.4 million likes) Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook combined.
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