Ancient Egyptian Akh Spirits with Storme Moroaica

Join us Sunday June 9th @ 3pm PST / 6pm EST for Ancient Egyptian Akh Spirits with Storme Moroaica
akh, in Egyptian religion, the spirit of a deceased person and, with the ka and the ba, a principal aspect of the soul. By enabling the soul to assume temporarily any form it desired for the purpose of revisiting the earth or for its own enjoyment, the akh characterized the soul of a deceased person as an effective entity in the next world.
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    Storme Moroaica

    Storme, otherwise known as Sitre, has been studying ancient Egypt since she was a child obsessively. She has interned at a museum, featured in a documentary about the Great Wife Nefertari and runs her own Temple called Re-Kadet Temple that honours ancient Egyptian, Ancient Greek, and Ancient Roman religious practices which historically resurrects ancient Mediterranean worship.
    She currently holds an Associate degree in History from Front Range Community College and currently working on her Bachelor's Degree in Classics with Greek emphasis. She plans to continue her education in graduate studies to get her Masters and PhD in Egyptology. Strictly focusing her academic and field career on Ancient Mediterranean religions and historically reconstructing them for modern worship without all the extra fluff that has been added over the years. 
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