Art of Death Part 2 with Nicole

Join us Sunday Sept 3rd @ 10am PST / 1pm EST for Art of Death Part 2 with Nicole
In this course, we will learn to become intimate with death, and in doing so, will discover how to live more vibrantly. Certified Reiki master, Crystal Practitioner, and Psychic Witch Nicole Marie became acquainted with death at an early age while residing in a children's hospital while recovering from a serious illness. As a teen, she assisted her mother in the morgue preparing bodies for burial and keeping them company while they awaited their final sendoff. These experiences ultimately shaped her spiritual practice, and has led to her work and contributions in the practice of "Death Positivity."
This series of classes will explore death practices around the world and throughout different periods of history, as well as non-traditional funerary and mortuary methods that are available today including your legal rights as a future corpse. We will talk about the spiritual aspects of death - what the spirit experiences at the moment of death, and what happens after? We will talk about the astral/creative components of the death experience and energy practices you can perform to prepare for the afterlife. We will learn techniques to communicate with death deities, gate-keepers, and our beloved dead. We will also discuss herbs, crystals, and other witchcraft elements associated with death and how all of these combined can transform your perspective on death in order to eliminate any fear you have surrounding it to ensure that you live your best life but are prepared for what comes next.
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