Building Your Money Relationship PT1 With Rev. Deb Bishop

Join us for Building Your Money Relationship PT1 With Rev. Deb Bishop!
This series is designed to enhance and solidify one or our most intimate and primary relationships that we never consider, our Money relationship! For those on the conscious path, this relationship can be the source of much frustration and drama, especially for those who have a big vision they would love to see realized in the world. There are Nine Workshops inside this series designed to bring the mundane world of cash flow into the pockets of all who walk the mystical and magical path. This series will help you to 10X any of your money spells and prosperity work.
Building Your Sacred Money Relationship Module One "Your Money Mythology"
Understanding what is and what isn't when it comes to money is essential to having a healthy relationship to it. What money does and doesn't do in your life is a complete reflection of your belief systems and your automatic emotional responses, this workshop helps you to define and understand this.
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    Rev. Deb Bishop

    I am Rev. Deborah Bishop, an energetic practitioner, who came onto the planet as a sensitive, which later developed into my becoming a natural Psychic, Medium, Channeler and Hands -On Practitioner. I have spent a lifetime learning, honing, and working my craft. I Am a non-denominational ministry and have my doctorate in divinity. I have been vetted by the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums, have been counted among the best in my field and even have had a Documentary on the Discovery channel include me as their subject of study when it came to channeling and running energy.
    I’ve had my own private practice for over 25 years. During this time, I have also taught workshops and spoken on the topics of Creating Reality and Transformation as well as varied Spiritual Practices. I was also given a divine download from which developed a program entitled Whole Wealth Breakthrough. Whole because one must be emotionally whole to have what they truly desire in this life, and Wealth, defined by complete personal and professional freedom. I have personally mentored and guided experts, entrepreneurs, and practitioners of all kinds, to develop a healthy relationship to successful business and cash flow! I’ve assisted many practitioners in developing successful private practices. 

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