Daemonic LOA, Vision Boards and Manifesting Part II with Yvonne

Join us Monday April 24th @ 6pm PST / 9pm EST for Daemonic LOA, Vision Boards and Manifesting Part II with Yvonne!
Now that You've learned how to create your own custom sigils, learned what daemons are best aligned with your goals, and prioritized your goals, it's time to set them into action!
Whether you have 1 goal, or 100 goals, this duplicatable system is the missing link to using the Law of Attraction.
Bring your markers, paint, glue, and craft box because we're digging in and getting our hands dirty!
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    Yvonne Haas

    Yvonne Haas is a renowned practitioner of Dark Arts within the Hollywood Occult community.
    As a dedicated and infinite student, she has worked with, and studied amongst some of the most talented and respected occultists in the industry.
    Yvonne's passion for science and everything paranormal led her to become a Certified Parapsychological Field Investigator, Registered with The Office of Paranormal.
    She's earned several certifications in mediumship, psychic practice, and divination methods.
    She is also the owner and operator of The Coven, where she inspires others to shine brightly their own Black Flame through Vanity, Alchemy, and Empowerment.
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