Daily Rituals For Protection Magick with Raven

Join us Thursday January 4th @ 6pm PST / 9pm EST for Introduction to Protection Magick with Raven
Daily protection, rituals is a class for anyone who has the desire to learn or brush up on a few very effective ways on how they can protect themselves daily when going out into the world or at home.
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      Recording of the class will be  provided if you are unable or do not wish to attend live!

    Raven Wolfe

    Raven has had the gift of Mediumship, since she was a young child. Having been raised in a religious
    home, what were spirits coming to her in her dreams, became night terrors. She would often wake up
    terrified, seeing those who have crossed over, but never communicated with them.
    At the age of 13, her life changed, when a classmate was murdered. The week after her death, the
    young girl came to Raven. Having known her, Raven didn’t feel afraid, but rather felt the urge to
    communicate with her and help the young spirit. From that moment onward, she knew she had a gift
    and wanted to use it.
    Raven is a channeler to those who have passed. She credits her gift from a higher power and has gone
    on to help military families around the world who seek closure. She provides house blessings and
    cleansings by connecting to her higher power to create peace, and gives comfort to, not just the family,
    but those who have passed.
    She has aided in Paranormal investigations for close to a decade and has been featured on “LA’s Most
    Haunted. She is also a Pet Psychic, having the gift of connecting to animals since she was a young child,
    homing in on their energy to relay messages to their families.
    Raven can find where someone’s energy may be stuck, and allow the fluidity to come in. Through messages, she can provide help to people and help them on there journey to healing.
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