Faeries 101: Pt 2

Join us Monday Jan 16 @ 6:00pm PST / 9:00pm EST for Faeries 101: Pt 2!
Faeries have been around since the beginning. They are in every culture around the world, and stories and legends are still told today. Most of us as kids could find and play with the faries easily. We would find them in woods and flowers and even our back yards. They are amazing, wonderful Magick begins to work with. In this class, we will go over all the basic you will need to work with them. From history to types and how they can appear to us. We will talk about how we can work with them and see them and the best places to do so. We will dive deep into the faery world of how they show themselves to us and let us know they are here. We will also go over things that attract them to us and our works, from teas to crystals and incense.
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    Kearrie Sims

    Kearrie Sims is a Faery Witch who lives in South Jersey and was born and raised in a pagan Native American family.
    Her mom's side is native American seers and dream walkers and Irish Celtics. Her father's side is Italian mediums and Egyptian.
    Kearrie was raised playing with faires and dragons and talking to the dead. She is a gray witch and a clairvoyant medium, as well as a dream walker and astral projector. She works with deities and those of the astral realms. She is a Reiki Master and Certified Crystal Practitioner. She reads oracle cards and tutors others to read oracles. She can talk to crystals and fearies and spirits.
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