Healing & Protection Spell Workshop with Eva

Join us Saturday December 30th @ 11:30am PST / 2:30pm EST for Healing & Protection Spell Workshop with Eva
Welcome to the enchanting realm of Healing & Protection Spell Magick! In this immersive workshop, we will explore the mystical properties of herbs, candles, and oils for crafting spells that enhance the power of Healing & Protection in your life. Together, we'll delve into the secrets of herbal alchemy, discovering the transformative energies of healing and protective magic. Our hands-on experience will include creating a healing and protective Scrub, a protection Oil, and crafting a Candle infused with intentions for Healing & Protection. Aligning with the cosmic rhythms, we'll explore the optimal timing with planetary constellations. Get ready to enhance your journey with empowering Healing & Protection Affirmations!
  • 356 learners

  • 1 hours

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    l am a Cosmic Energy Healer and Teacher in Los Angeles, CA. I have been an intuitive Reader and Healer for over 20 ears, and focus on restoring the bio field and chakras, to bring balance into people's lives. This method cuts the connection with past lives and any negative form, spell, and misfortune. This results in wealth in terms of health, success, and love. Through my intuition, mediumship, and tarot cards, I can channel loved ones that have passed away and share their message with the living. I predict the present and future. Over the last 15 years, I have gathered experience in Herb & Candle Magic. I consult my clients with Spellwork and teach them what Herbs and Candle Colors to use, how to time a Spell, and how to manifest your wishes. I have created the Cosmic Club for the purpose of teaching all these gifts. Join me and unlock your psychic abilities!
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