Incense In Tarot with Sharon

Join us Saturday Dec 30th @ 2pm PST / 5pm EST for Incense In Tarot with Sharon
We'll discuss how using incense in tarot can promote mental clarity, create a more calming environment, and help your readings be more insightful. We'll also discuss how to use incense to cleanse your Tarot cards. We'll also look into which incense are best for The Major Arcana as well as the suits in The Minor Arcana.
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    Sharon Ross

    Sharon Ross recently relocated to South Central Pennsylvania from the
    Houston-Galveston, Texas area. She is a long time Ecclectic Solitary Witch with roots in Folk
    Magick and Herbal Magick. She is a Certified Metaphysician, Certified Professional Herbalist, a
    Certified Usui Reiki Master and is also Certified in Sekhmet Reiki and Crystal Reiki. She also is
    a Certified Advanced Crystal Practitioner and Certified Crystal Master. She also is a Certified
    Tarot Master and a Certified Channeler. She also holds Diplomas in Advanced Ayurvedic
    Medicine, Homeopathic Medicine, Aromatherapy, and Natural Medicine. In addition, she is also
    interested in Herbal Alchemy. She is also an ordained officiant. Sharon currently serves on the
    faculty of University Magickus and specializes in teaching online classes on the subject of
    Herbal Magick. She also is available for readings or consultations..
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