Midsummer Solstice Ritual with Liz Cormell

Join us Saturday June 22nd @ 11:30am PST / 2:30pm EST for Midsummer Solstice Ritual with Liz Cormell
In the northern hemisphere the midsummer solstice marks the longest day. Even in the Scandinavian countries, or the lands of the midnight sun, the solstice is marked in a significant way. It was believed, as with many of the solar based festivals, that the veil between the world of the living and dead is thinned and the lighting of a bonfire wards off evil spirits. There is also a long tradition of using herbs to illicit dreams of partners, as there is a very strong link to summer solstice and fertility.
 In this ritual Liz will take you through celebrating how far you’ve come since Yule, the winter solstice, and giving thanks for your coming harvest. She will also help you strengthen your connection with Mother Nature and the earth element by using the abundance available out in nature.
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    Liz Cormell

    Liz has known since a very young age that she can communicate with something that not everyone can. She comes from a long line of sensitives and psychics; this gift has been passed down the female line for many generations. Prior to developing this gift Liz admits that it used to frighten her but now she acknowledges most spirits are just people without physical bodies.
    When Liz was 17 she dated a guy who's mother was a Romany gypsy. This lady taught Liz to read tarot, using standard playing cards. This is a skill Liz practices, using multiple packs, and she provides readings for many people on a regular basis.
    From 2005 Liz has worked with many paranormal investigation groups and undertaken close to 1000 investigations at locations all around the UK, Ireland and even the USA. She would love to investigate many overseas locations including Poveglia Island, Venice.
    Liz has also been a practicing witch since her 30's and works mainly with elemental energy and the moon goddess. Recently, she has felt called by Morrigan and is doing more spell work using Morrigan as her guiding goddess.
    Despite this spiritual angle to her life, Liz is a trained Crime Scene Investigator and Forensic Archaeologist so likes to search for rational and logical explanations before calling something paranormal.
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