Occultism with Anima Noira

Join us Saturday October 21st @ 2pm PST / 5pm EST for Occultism with Anima Noira
Anima Noira means 'the breath of darkness' or 'animating life-force of the dark'. It is the name and the mission that has been given to me in this life by the Spirits. To teach the Dark Arts, and to make the Ancient Mysteries of the Occult come alive once again. In this introductory session, Anima Noira will introduce herself to the students of Magickus University and present an introduction into the Dark Arts. What is Magick, really? This Calling to become a magician, occultist, a witch, where does it come from? Together we will explore and define the powers of High Magic and Low Magic, of Black Magic, White Magic, and outline the basic tenets of occultism as a spiritual path of ascension.
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    Anima Nora

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