Remote Viewing for Paranormal Investigations & Everyday Life with April

Join us Saturday Jan 14th 3:30pm Pst / 6:30pm Est for Remote Viewing for Paranormal Investigations & Everyday Life! Did you know you have the ability to go deep into your mind….beyond all senses and see with your mind’s eye? To see places, people, events or any location no matter how far. These are the very techniques April used on “Holzer Files” and now uses it for her readings, missing person cases and paranormal investigations
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    April The Psychic Housewife of New Jersey

    April Busset, The Psychic Housewife of New Jersey the Celebrity Psychic Medium, natural-born clairvoyant, remote viewer, automatic writer & ghost hunter. April was featured on Travel Channel’s hit series “The Holzer Files”. April works with the most well known celebrities in the paranormal field, investigating some of the most notoriously haunted locations. She has worked with law enforcement in missing person cases. She successfully helped a family locate a loved one with the use of her ability to do remote viewing. April has been communicating with spirits since the age of four after she was visited by her deceased father who passed two years prior. She has accurately relayed messages from the spirits from the most haunted locations in the United States.  
    April is currently filming “Haunted Hotels Live - Dead Inns and is the hosts of “Live Readings with April The Psychic Housewife of New Jersey where she performs live psychic mediumship readings to a live audience which airs every Monday & Tuesday at 8pm.
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