Scrolls of Elorath: Vampyre Gatherings with Father Sebastiaan

Join us Wednesday April 3rd @ 6pm PST / 9pm EST for Scrolls of Elorath: Vampyre Gatherings with Father Sebastiaan
Vampyres are highly social,yet at the same time, they are highly independent. Tring to organize them is as easy as herding cats. Many of their events are held in secret and are meant exclusively for Vampyres and their special guests. Other gatherings are more open and welcome those who wish to celebrate with Vampyres in style. Each event organizer may have their own style, or chosen theme(s), and not all events follow the models presented here. Vampyres and nightlife legends still speak of the Long Black Veil (1997-2000) parties at MOTHER club in New York City’s Meatpacking District, the Fang Club in Los Angeles, Gala Nocturna in Belgium, the Anne Rice Vampire Ball in New Orleans, Dracula’s Ball in Philadelphia, Vampire Ball PDX in Portland, and of course, the Endless Night Vampire Balls around the world.
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    Father Sebastiaan
    (Fang Smith & Impresario)

    I have been in the Vampyre Culture for over three decades and see the traditions of the Black Veils as an empowering path of personal growth.   Here is my research on the Vampyric Path explained through my book Black Veils presented for you in a simple and direct format.  XEPHER!  ZHEPR
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