Scrolls of Elorath: Vampyre Halos with Father Sebastiaan

Join us Wednesday March 27th @ 6pm PST / 9pm EST for Scrolls of Elorath: Vampyre Halos with Father Sebastiaan
A Vampyre Halo is an egregore (a thought form or energy signature, not to be confused with a Court) made up of the accumulated energy of the history and interactions of Vampyre Culture within a geographical area. This energy is combined with the mundane culture, history, and character of a location to give each Halo its uniqueness. The term and concept of a Halo was coined in 2004 in Amsterdam by Crystalfang and Father Sebastiaan. It is used to describe these already-existing locational energy signatures, and to serve as an alternative to Courts. Halos originated as a Sabretooth Clan tradition and Prime Halos are officially consecrated by Father Sebastiaan. The communities of Vampyres and other Awakened that live in given Halos, evolve, grow, or diminish according to the collective actions of the Current and the Family.
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    Father Sebastiaan
    (Fang Smith & Impresario)

    I have been in the Vampyre Culture for over three decades and see the traditions of the Black Veils as an empowering path of personal growth.   Here is my research on the Vampyric Path explained through my book Black Veils presented for you in a simple and direct format.  XEPHER!  ZHEPR
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