Scrolls of Elorath: Vampyre Names with Father Sebastiaan

Join us Wednesday April 10th @ 6pm PST / 9pm EST for Scrolls of Elorath: Vampyre Names with Father Sebastiaan
Within the VC (Vampyre Culture), tradition holds that individuals have a “"Vampire Name"” or “Nightside Name,” which is a personal and descriptive pseudonym, properly known as a sobriquet. This name is usually given during initiation. Such names are similar to stage names for performers and noms de plume (pen names) for writers. These pseudonyms are used as a form of address within the VC.
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    Father Sebastiaan
    (Fang Smith & Impresario)

    I have been in the Vampyre Culture for over three decades and see the traditions of the Black Veils as an empowering path of personal growth.   Here is my research on the Vampyric Path explained through my book Black Veils presented for you in a simple and direct format.  XEPHER!  ZHEPR
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