Scrolls of Elorath: Vampyre Subtle Body with Father Sebastiaan

Join us Tuesday June 12th @ 6pm PST / 9pm EST for Scrolls of Elorath: Vampyre Subtle Body with Father Sebastiaan
The Subtle Body or the “Astral Body” is the energetic mirror of the physical body and exists exclusively in the Subtle Reality. This is the “ghost within the shell.” This Double lives within the physical body like an astronaut in a spacesuit and relies on the physical to provide a source of Lifeforce, the BA (personality and identity), KA (vital spark of life) and protection. It is composed of subtle energies and contains the equivalents of physical body parts such as Lifeforce (the blood), the aura (the skin) chakras (the vital organs), and meridians (the circulatory system). The Subtle Body is connected to the physical body by umbilical-like cords, which are often called the “silver cords”, which supply the Subtle Body with Lifeforce. The Double has no fixed form, but generally; takes the shape and appearance of the physical body.
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    Father Sebastiaan
    (Fang Smith & Impresario)

    I have been in the Vampyre Culture for over three decades and see the traditions of the Black Veils as an empowering path of personal growth.   Here is my research on the Vampyric Path explained through my book Black Veils presented for you in a simple and direct format.  XEPHER!  ZHEPR
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