Shadow People with Yvonne

Join us for Shadow People with Yvonne!
One of the most terrifying and intriguing aspects in the paranormal field is Shadow People. Darker than the darkest corner, they lurk, and feed, and evolve into our deepest fears.
 Are they evil? Are they Watchers? Are they Ghosts? Where do they come from?
There are more theories, legends, stories and lore about them than any person can keep track of. Some only see them in the corners of their eyes, and others see them straight on. While others are awakened from deep sleep by a darkness darker than dark, hovering over them. Join me as we delve into the current of Shadow People.
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    Yvonne Haas

    Yvonne Haas is a renowned practitioner of Dark Arts within the Hollywood Occult community.
    As a dedicated and infinite student, she has worked with, and studied amongst some of the most talented and respected occultists in the industry.
    Yvonne's passion for science and everything paranormal led her to become a Certified Parapsychological Field Investigator, Registered with The Office of Paranormal.
    She's earned several certifications in mediumship, psychic practice, and divination methods.
    She is also the owner and operator of The Coven, where she inspires others to shine brightly their own Black Flame through Vanity, Alchemy, and Empowerment.
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