Specific Feral spells utilizing the powers and spirits of nature with Denny

Join us Monday March 18th @ 6pm PST / 9pm EST for Specific Feral spells utilizing the powers and spirits of nature with Denny
Everything about feral magic spellcraft has to do with nature and the spirits of nature. There is no reason to work magic with anything other than what Nature has offered us. This includes elements of Water, Air, Earth and Fire as well as the living core spiritual energy of our world, the Earth Mother Gaia. We can see those elements in truth and in reality all around us as well as the spirits of the trees, animals, waters and flowers and much more. Calling on specific animal spirits, specific spells will be explained and done through visualization and relaxed spell practices.
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    Denny Sargent

    A Seattle writer, artist and university instructor whose extensive global travels and esoteric studies informed the backbone to numerous published books. Involved for decades with numerous esoteric traditions, the author has published works on Alternative Religions, Hermetic Magick, Taoism, Animism, Shinto and Tantra.
    Published books include: Global Ritualism, The Tao of Birth Days, Your Guardian Angel And You, Clean Sweep, The Book of the Horned One, Naga Magick, Dancing With Spirits, Werewolf Magick & Dog Magick.
    He regularly presents lively online workshops and lectures and previously hosted at conventions and gatherings. Currently residing in the PNW, the author invites and welcomes conversation on all manner of subject matter.
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