The Dark Goddesses PT12: Babalon with Father Sebastiaan and Patti Negri

Join us Wednesday July 12th @ 7:30pm PST / 10:30pm EST for The Dark Goddesses PT12: Babalon with Father Sebastiaan and Patti Negri
Babalon (also known as the Scarlet Woman, Great Mother or Mother of Abominations) is a goddess found in the occult system of Thelema, which was established in 1904 with the writing of The Book of the Law by English author and occultist Aleister Crowley. The spelling of the name as "Babalon" was revealed to Crowley in The Vision and the Voice. Her name and imagery feature prominently in Crowley's "Liber Cheth vel Vallum Abiegni".
In her most abstract form, Babalon represents the female sexual impulse and the liberated woman. In the creed of the Gnostic Mass she is also identified with Mother Earth, in her most fertile sense. Along with her status as an archetype or goddess, Crowley believed that Babalon had an earthly aspect or avatar; a living woman who occupied the spiritual office of the "Scarlet Woman
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    Father Sebastiaan
    (Fang Smith & Impresario)

    I have been in the Vampyre Culture for over three decades and see the traditions of the Black Veils as an empowering path of personal growth.   Here is my research on the Vampyric Path explained through my book Black Veils presented for you in a simple and direct format.  XEPHER!  ZHEPR
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