Tracing Tetramorphs With Scarlett

Join us Saturday Jan 7th @ 11:30am PST / 2:30pm EST for Tracing Tetramorphs!
A discussion on the use of tetramorphs magically throughout history starting with the first four Royal Stars through the lamassu to the tarot of the present day.
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    Scarlett Amaris

    Scarlett Amaris is a screenwriter, author, and researcher. She’s co-written scripts for the seminal
    horror anthology, The Theatre Bizarre, the award-winning documentary, The Otherworld, the
    European arthouse horror film, Replace, and most recently the H.P. Lovecraft adaptation, Color
    Out of Space starring Nicolas Cage. She’s co-written a dark fantasy trilogy and was featured in
    Folk Horror Revival: Field Studies, and Making Magic Happen: Selected Essays from the
    Inaugural Magickal Women Conference. Scarlett was also a featured writer for The Heretic
    Magazine. She has been lecturing and teaching mythology, witchcraft and alternative history for
    many years in the U.S. and in Europe.
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