Words of the Temple of Set with Don Webb

Join us Sunday June 23rd @ 11:30am PST / 2:30pm EST for Words of the Temple of Set with Don Webb
The Temple of Set has explored Logos-centric magic for nearly five decades. Logoi or "Words"
enclose philosophies and ethical systems as well as being "Words of Power" like the magician's
fabled "Abracadbra!" Some Words existed before our current manifestation such as Try, Thelema, or Indulgence,
some words we share with other groups such as Runa. Some we have ceased to study/use but live on elsewhere
such as Xem. Others live and thrive in our brother- and sisterhood such as Xeper, Arkte, Wyrd, Remanifest,
and Synesis. What do they mean? How are they used for the power/pleasure and Knowledge of Setians? How did They come to Earth? How do we Recognize them? 
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    Don Webb

    Don Webb has written several books on the occult and Left Hand Path topics including
    _Energy Magick of the Vampyre_, _Uncle Setnakt's Essential Guide to the Left Hand Path_ and
    _Overthrowinf the OId Gods_. His next book _How to be a Modern Magus_ has been described
    by Jason Milar as the BEST guide to magical training in English. He has been a member of the Temple
    of Set since 1989, serving as its High Priest for six years. He holds titles of distinction in two Orders --
    Master of the Order of the Vampoyre and Master of the Order of the Trapezoid. He also founded
    two Orders, the Order of Setne Khmauast and the Order of the Hawk Faced Lord.
    He teaches Horror Writing for University of California at Los Angeles Extension, where he has
    been a high rated instructor since 2002; His fiction include his recent collections _Building
    Strange Temples_ and _A Velvet of Vampyres_ and his work has appeared in Analog, Amazing,
    Asimov's, Dragon, Fantasy and Science Fiction, Interzone, Pulphouse and Weird Tales. And fifty anthologies
    including Years Best Fantasy, Years Best Science Fiction, and Years Best Science Fiction.  
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