Working with Ancestral Magic with Mirah

Join us Sunday Aug 13th @ 2pm PST / 1pm EST for Working with Ancestral Magic with Mirah

What is Ancestral Magic? The spiritual act of working with family energy (both chosen and blood relationship) as a means of enhancing your magical expressions, protections, healing, and spiritual growth. In this course, we will discuss the cosmology of ancestral magic in general spiritual practices, as well as from my specific experience of African Spirituality. We will explore the benefits of this expression as well as symptoms of when there is a disconnect. I will present ideas of ways to begin and expand ancestral veneration within your daily routines, how to set up an ancestral altar, healing generational trauma through ancestral magic and healing, and how to practice ancestral magic even if you don't know your ancestors.
I was separated from my African biological roots as a child and spent the majority of my life working on identity struggles. My magical roots are just as diverse as my ancestral roots. My mother's lineage came to America via Ireland, through Canada where her grandfather married a woman from the Swan-creek and Black-river tribes of the Chippewa nation. Challenges (what I now recognize as a generational curse/burden) in my mother's parents' life resulted in my mother and all her siblings separated and adopted by other families. This pattern was repeated when my mother's adoptive family rejected her marriage to my black father and their subsequent divorce left me very isolated from my heritage and identity. It wasn't until recently did we finally officially reconnect with our roots. I have experience practicing ancestral magic both with unknown ancestors and known ancestors. I hope to share some of that wisdom in this class. 
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